298 TRI STAR MIG 1636/M

TRI-STAR is a single-phase multipurpose inverter power source, suitable for MIG/MAG, MMA (stick electrode) and TIG (with «Cebora lift ignition») welding. Cebora developed it with the concept of applying mobility and multipurpose to welding.
The simple and user friendly control panel allows quick process selection and displays the selection on the front panel, (MIG/MAG, MMA and DC TIG).
In the MIG/MAG mode, it is possible to select a synergic program according to the wire type and diameter as well as the shielding gas to be used. The power source has 11 synergic curves optimized for steel (Ø 0.6 — 1), stainless steel (Ø 0.8), aluminium (Ø 1), MIG brazing (Ø 0.8) and flux cored wire (Ø 0.9). The synergic programs for steel allow working with either mixed gasses or 100% CO2.
A dedicated control is provided for fine tuning the arc length.
The MIG/MAG torch is specific for this power source and is also available in a special version for use mainly with flux-cored wire (art.1636).
In the MMA welding mode, the power source can weld electrodes up to Ø 3.25.
The TRI-STAR, with its low weight and compact dimensions, added to it’s multi-process capability of welding in MIG/MAG,TIG and MMA mode make this an ideal machine for maintenance, repair, installation and on site welding.
Of course the Tri-Star is a great workshop tool also!
The low electrical input from a single phase supply make the use of this machine possible in a wide range of the environments.
The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%).
The power source can be powered by motor generators of adequate power (Min. 6 KVA).