The TIG SOUND DC 5061/T SYNERGIC, art. 363, is the top of the Cebora DC TIG welding power source range. It is a three-phase power source marked up by a high duty cycle (500A at 60% and 440A at 100%), suitable for heavy duty use and large production series, also thanks to the built-in cooling unit manageable from the control panel. It is also capable of welding cellulosic electrodes.
Thanks to the PFC system (which makes the machine comply with the EN61000-3-12 standard), in spite of the great power, the system requires a 32A fuse only.
The new control panel makes the operator work easier and more user friendly.
The machine may operate with pulsed arc, for intervention even on slim workpieces where transferred heat must be kept to a minimum, as well as in «Spot» mode. The minimum welding current is 5A only.
The machine is set up for remote control using the foot control (art. 193), the remote control (art. 187), or the up-down control on the torch.
The tunnel design allows exceptional cooling efficiency, keeping those components that suffer in dusty environments, such as electronic circuits, out of the cooling flow.
In TIG mode, the arc is started either in high voltage/high frequency or by contact with the Cebora lift system.
It is also possible to save up to nine welding programs. The machine is equipped with an RS232 port as well as with an USB one for an easy software update.
The power source is also available in a special version suitable for robotic applications as well as for use with Plasma Welding console.